Wednesday 8 April 2015


It's been a long time since my last post. Hectic college schedule, crashing laptops, portfolio woes and one data recovery later, here I am with a new post! I already have a hard time doing photoshoots with my college keeping me on my toes and losing all the photoshoots I had banked up just made it impossible for me to post anything. Anyway, it is no excuse for such a long break. 

Well, all the whining aside, I'm posting pictures of my last semester's end term ensemble. 
I designed a collection for 20 somethings who love to travel, hence the name "Wanderlust". The collection included comfortable, multi look apparel in twill and knit fabrics. I've included pictures of one of the ensembles that I finally made. It consists of a pair of overalls and a hooded crop top. I gave the overalls a multi look feature by adding a zipper on the legs so that it can be detached to shorten the length of the garment. It also has gusset pockets on the lower legs with a texture on it made using reverse applique. The crop top is made of single jersey knit fabric with embroidered applique direction arrows on them.
Have a look.


Garments designed by Vartika Yaduvansh
Model: Ruchi
Photography: Vartika Yaduvansh

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